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The Candymakers

The Candymakers
Wendy Mass

       This wonderful book is told by the four main characters Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip (not at the same time). This is a pretty long book, and so I am just briefly telling you about the book from each character’s point of view. Okay, maybe not so briefly. :) I'll start with Logan, then Miles, Daisy, and last Philip. But before I start here are two stories you might want to read.
When Logan was five and Life is Sweet still held the annual picnic and had tours, a boy came over with his dad (that boy was Philip) and so it happened that Philip (the boy) threw Logan a toy truck and Logan didn't catch it, so it landed in a vetch of (very hot) chocolate. Logan went in after it to get it. As he later explained for that one moment he forgot that it was very hot. That's how he got his scars. And that one moment made Philip very guilty.
One day Miles was out at the lake with his parents and he saw a swarm of bees go over to where a girl was sitting on the beach, the girl saw the bees and went into the water, and she never came out. She drowned.
Logan the Candymaker's son is finally old enough (12) to enter the annual candy contest. He was waiting for this for a long time! He is planning on submitting the Bubbletastic Chocorocet. It's supposed to turn from chocolate to gum and back again. Here's something about Logan, he was involved in an accident long ago, and has scars on his face and arms, but Logan doesn't seem to mind his scars. He and Miles become good friends. Later Miles even sleeps over and that's actually where adventures really begin...

The librarian at the public library said that this contest might help him get over it. In the car, on their way to the contest his mom warned him not to talk backwards to the other kids. When he got there he saw a girl sitting on the doorstep reading a book out loud. Which surprised him because his mom was always early so he always was the first kid there, especially at school. He had to wait about fifteen minutes in front of the school before some teacher or custodian came and unlocked it. So, he was surprised by the girl's presence, but he became even more surprised when she got up and started twirling. Then he introduced himself. Just then another boy arrived. He was in a suit and had a briefcase. When Miles started talking about the afterlife he started rolling his eyes. Then Logan came out of the factory.
Daisy is a spy. Her case right now is getting the Candymaker's secret ingredient. She has to enter the annual candy making contest to do that. And her "book" is actually something like Skype, but cooler. Daisy also has an earpiece so AJ, her handler can talk to her and she can talk to him when she is out of the boy's earshot. She also becomes Logan's friend and changes her case a little, she sabotages the ingredient. Or at least she tries to...
I'm not doing to write as much about Philip because you know everything, well almost. :) Philip's mom died when he was little. So he is growing up with his dad who is a sneaky businessman. Which is how he finds out that his dad has plans to take over the candy factory, and not in a very nice way! He also finds out that his mother told her dad to teach Philip about art, music, and love, but instead Philip's sneaky dad taught him about being sneaky, cheating on people, and winning every contest. So Philip's dad hired someone to steal the Candymaker's secret ingredient (can you guess who that is. :)) Philip understands what his dad's plans mean to Life is Sweet, so he decides to help Logan's family. He decides to steal the secret ingredient himself. By the way his dad said he won't try to take over the factory if Philip wins the contest.
On the day that Miles slept over Daisy and Philip were both trying to get to the secret ingredient. The boys were talking in the halls when they heard something. Then they flipped on the light and saw the people who they called friends. Philip told everybody about his dad's plan and Daisy explained about being a spy. Then they decided to help Philip win and save the factory. Even Logan agreed despite the dreams of winning the contest like his father and grandfather (founder of the candy factory). OK, I'll just make it short, Philip wins, and they become friends and candy makers.
B.T.W. (By The Way): when they heard Miles' story Daisy said that that girl was her and it was just part of her spy training. This made Miles extremely happy.
I hope that I have inspired you to read the book, and you better read it if you want to find out what the secret ingredient is!
Well, that's it for this time!

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  1. Классно написано! Маричка, ты молодец! Лично мне хотелось бы прочитать еще что-то еще лично от тебя, какие моменты тебе понравились больше всего, и почему.

    За английский отдельное спасибо))

    1. Even though I really liked the book and it's great that Philip's dad backed away from his plans, I still kinda think Logan should have won the contest. My favorite part was when Miles found out Daisy was "the girl" and did a happy dance. I think that you will like the next one I will write, it's about the suffrage movement.