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Tuesdays at the Castle

Tuesdays at the Castle
Jessica Day George
Are you the type of person who enjoys books about castles and princesses? Then this book is for you! Or are you the type of person that thinks that fairytale-type books are for little kids? Then this book is for you anyways! This book is for everybody! It’s fun, adventurous, and a great mystery! I know that that’s a lot of exclamation points, but this book really deserves it! It’s my all-time favorite!
Castle Glower can grow and change by itself. The people who live in it are :King Glower the seventy-ninth, his wife, who is the daughter of the Royal Wizard, and their four kids: Bran, who went to the College of Wizardry four years ago, Rolf, who is the heir to his throne, Delilah (Lilah), and Cecelia (Celie).
Celie’s parents went to get her older brother from the College of Wizardry. It’s time for them to come back but when the royal carriage does come back it’s speeding and the only person in it is Sergeant Avery. And he is hurt. He thinks that the king and the queen are dead. The Glower children are absolutely sure that their parents aren’t dead, but they still have to hold a funeral ceremony for their parents and a coronation ceremony for Rolf.
Sleyne’s neighboring kingdoms each sent a prince and a bunch of representatives. Cecelia thinks that Lulath of Grath isn’t so bad while she doesn’t like the warrior-like Prince Khelsh. She even soon finds out that he is planning to assassinate Rolf. Celie is wondering why the castle doesn’t kick him out like it does to people it doesn’t like.
Her dad’s Royal Council says that Rolf is too young to be king alone, so he has to rule under regency, which means that they practically get to tell him what to do! But that’s not even the worst part! The worst part is that now, Khelsh is part of the Royal Council too!

I know that I put a lot of suspense on you, but all I’m going to say is that… read the book to find out! Ha-ha just kidding! Well, not totally kidding. I WILL say that nobody dies except if you count Khelsh, who gets carried away by a griffon. Well, see ya! And don’t forget that that’s a Bookworm Promise:)! And if you don’t read it your house will turn on you and throw you out your chimney! Ha! But you really SHOULD read it though, or you’re going to miss out on one of the BEST books ever printed! Bye!

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