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Girl Meets Ghost

Girl Meets Ghost
Lauren Barnholdt
If you had some kind of super-natural power, what would it be? Would it be flying, mind-reading, or invisibility? Or maybe it would be seeing ghosts! Well, you never know, that could become interesting, right? Maybe not.
Kendall Williams can see ghosts. For her, it’s natural. She’s been seeing them since she was a little kid, but when she was little, she just saw them. Now she helps them move on. She has to help them, or they won’t quit bugging her. And that could be a problem. When Daniela’s ghost pops up, Kendall couldn’t be more annoyed. Daniela was killed in a bus accident going to a gymnastics meet. The only things that she remembers are Jen and digging. And that doesn’t help very much. Kendall has to figure it out soon, because Daniela is getting restless.
But Kendall has other problems. She asked her crush, Brandon on a study date. Kyle, Brandon’s best friend and Ellie, Kendall’s best friend are coming too. Their date goes okay except for the part where Kendall’s dad comes to the mall to pick her up and is, like, really mad because 1) Kendall wasn’t supposed to be studying at the mall and 2) her dad didn’t know that she was studying with boys. But Brandon isn’t mad. He thinks that he, Kendall, Ellie and Kyle should all go to a movie together. Will Kendall be able to help Daniela and keep up her romance at the same time? Or will her boyfriend figure out that she can talk to ghosts and ditch her?

What? Yes? You think so? You sound so sure! Maybe you’re right. But if you want to find out for sure, read the book! I really liked it. Don’t think that it’s a childish book that will take up your time thought. I read it in less than two days. Think that you can beat that? Please comment if you read it or not and if you liked it or not. It’s a really fun book to read and if you don’t like it, you can always stop reading it! J

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