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Cake Pop Crush

Cake Pop Crush
Suzanne Nelson
        Have you ever had to fight for something that mattered to you? Like maybe not throwing away an old piece of furniture, or keeping an old pet instead of putting it to sleep. Maybe it was something that mattered to the community. Or, if you were fighting for something or someone when a war was going on. If you have, then you’ll know what this is all about. If you haven’t, then I suggest that you read this sweet like a cake pop book.
Ali’s dad owns the little bakery (Say It With Flour) in town. She loves the little shop even though her dad is afraid to try anything new after Ali’s mom died, so he keeps it old-fashioned. When a sleek Perk Up opens right across the street, Ali’s dad worries that they might have to close up. Even without the Perk Up they didn’t have very many customers and now they only have their three loyal customers and that’s it. So Ali talks her dad into letting her sell her cake pops at the shop. Then she advertised (with the help of her friend Gwen). A bunch of new customers come to the shop. Her dad thanks her. They sell good until Perk Up starts selling cake pops too. But then Ali holds a jewelry show, to help her friend Gwen. She sells good there, but Sarah, a girl from school, puts black food coloring in them. The show is ruined! And even worse - Ali’s dad says that she can’t sell cake pops anymore. Ali thinks the person, who put the food coloring in the cake pops is Dane, the boy who’s dad owns Perk Up, Inc. (They are part-time friends, one day they are happily talking, the next day Ali is accusing Dane of something.) But really Dane is innocent, like I said before, it was Sarah who put the food coloring in the pops. Later, Ali will believe Dane, but now she’s just plain mad.
Ali is in a bake-off with Dane. They are fighting for the right to cater Sarah’s birthday party. I probably forgot to mention that besides being the most stuck-up girl in their school, she’s also the richest. Her dad is the mayor of their city. They both bake awesome cake pops. Most of the judges voted for Ali, but Sarah lied and said Dane was the winner because she likes him. Later, when Dane tells Ali, she gets to cater Sarah’s party, Sarah has to help out at Say It With Flour because of the “misunderstanding” and Ali gets to be interviewed at Renata DeLuca, her favorite cook’s show. Mayor Chan, Sarah’s dad asked Ali and her dad to make a thousand cake pops for the new mall opening in town, and Ali’s dad says that with that money and the money from catering Sarah’s party the bakery doesn’t have to close. Happy ending!!

Gwen and Harris are dating, Ali made up with Tansy, her other friend who she had a fight with earlier. And the book ends with Ali and Dane kissing. They finally became real friends (and even more than that!) Definitely happy ending!

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