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School Blog 4

Chapter 4 Reflection 
Gary Paulsen
In chapter 4, Gary told about how he ran into a bear into his yarf and then threw a stick at it. We were to say if we think that Gary handled the situation well or  not.
I have mixed thoughts on how well Gary Paulsen handled the bear situation. On one hand, he shouldn't've thrown the stick at Scarface in the first place. After that, there really wasn't much he could do, so I guess he handled it well after that. He did the right thing, when he sat there, not movingm wating for the bear to make his choice. If he tried to wriggle free, or move at all, I think that the bear would think of that as an attempt to threaten him, and decide to kill Paulsen. So, there Gary did the right thing. Personally, (but this could be different for some people depending on their personal experience) I also believe that Gary made the right choice when he didn't shoot the bear. I could add my own thoughts here, but Paulsen describes it perfecectly when he says "Kill it for what? For not killing me?" He should be thankful to the bear, because it didn't kill him. Gray also says it when he says "I am no more and no less than any animal in the woods." I think that that's true. Not just for him, but for all of us. Thinking back to our last post, we are animals, after all.
Then we also had to point out five examples of imagery, one for each of the senses, from the chapter.
Touch: "I took the riffle from the gun rack."  Makes me think of cold metal and anger.
Taste:"I put their frozen meat blocks the edges to soften, then fed them warm meet." That makes me think of warm meet.
Feel: "I nearly froze." It makes me feel cold.
Smell:"The wolves could smell her fear."
Sight: "A cow in the field was a marvel and had to be investigated." It makes me think of cows and fields.

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