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For those of you who have been waiting for English publications, here they are. And there will be more coming. This is the rubric that we use for our school project (kind of like last year, except for that each one is separate, not by chapters.) I hope that you will enjoy this format.


by R. J. Palacio

One of the best I have read

You would like this book if you like Stories about Friendships

Review: This book reminds us that it's not what's on the outside that matters, it's what's on the inside. Most interesting was how, in the school that August (Auggie) went to, there were some people that seemed to remember that. They didn't care what Auggie looked like, even thought he was born with a born defect, and they realized that it wasn't his fault and he just couldn't change it. And then there were some people who seemed to think that it was Auggie's fault that he looked like this. And that was sad. I would have liked to visit this school because if I would have gone to their school, I would have supported August. I recommend this book to anyone, but especially people going to a new school or people who are made fun of for what they look like. I liked and related with the character Summer because she was smart and nice and she sat and talked with August although the principal hadn't asked her to. She was just one of those people who have a heart made of gold (not saying I'm like that, I just admire that...). I think the author choose this title because August isn't like other people (especially at his school(except for Summer)). The author also says that the title was inspired by Natalie Merchant's song, Wonder. I like the cover because it just shows us that it's about a boy with birth defects. Also, the background color is pretty. 

Words of the wiser: "When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."

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