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The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society
Trenton Lee Stewart
I know I usually start by saying something funny. But this time I’m just going to say this: The worst thing to do with people who trust you is to use their trust for your own purposes. As you read please keep this in mind. You’ll understand what I mean when I write about the second book.
“Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?” When this showed up in the newspaper a bunch of kids decided to take the tests. But in the end only four of them passed. Reynie Muldoon, being good at solving puzzles. Sticky Washington, because everything he read stuck in his head and he could remember it perfectly. Kate Wetherall for her physical ability. And last of all Constance Contraire for her natural stubbornness. All of them don’t have families (or in Sticky’s case are thought to be unwanted).
When Mr. Benedict brings them all together they become friends. His two assistants are Rhonda and Number Two, and their bodyguard is Milligan. Mr. Benedict explains that they are in danger and he needs their help. Then Constance is almost kidnapped and they have to rescue her.
Then they finally go on their mission. They have to disable the Whisperer – a wicked machine capable of transmitting thoughts into people’s minds through electronic devises and its inventor Ledroptha Curtain. This can only be done by children. Reynie and Sticky become “Messengers” and find out how Mr. Curtain uses children to send his messages. They sound something like this “The missing aren’t missing they’re only departed”, “Poison apples, poison worms, brush your teeth and kill the germs”, “The free Market Drill” and stuff like that.
Then they make sure that their session in the Whisperer is tomorrow, by putting chuck root in all the sweet and salty foods. Then when it came they called Kate and Constance up to the flag tower and defeated Mr. Curtain. Even though he got away they disabled the Whisperer. Three cheers for the Mysterious Benedict Society! Yay! Yay! Yay!
P.S. It turned out that Milligan was Kate’s father (he was kidnapped by Curtain and had amnesia), Reynie’s tutor and her mother adopted him, Mr. Benedict, Number Two, and Rhonda adopted Constance and they found out that Sticky’s parents were saying that he was better off without them, not them better off without him. Three cheers again Yay! Yay! Yay!
I would love to call this a bookworm promise, but I won’t for two reasons. #1 I don’t want to throw them around, #2 some of my friends didn’t like the book, so you might not either.
Now I am the BIGGGEST fan of The Society and I made up a twin for them. And another story. I’ll be writing this along with my book reports.                                          Key:
Maria = 80% Reynie and 20% Kate
Reyna = 80% Sticky and 20% Reynie
Mike = 80%Kate and 20% Constance
Cole = 80% Constance and 20% Sticky
This is told by Maria. The Mysterious Benedict Society and Dream Team Benedict met by a total coincidence that changed their lives. Here’s how it happened. Me and Reynie were called to meet Mr. Benedict at the same time. He probably forgot. Or otherwise this wasn’t a coincidence at all. But we became friends instantly. But that’s not even the most interesting part. Our parent guardians got married Mr. and Ms. Perumal, Milligan and Tomi, Mr. and Mrs. Benedict. And from two pairs of Washingtons become one pair of Washingtons! Amazing right? And we decided to move to IowaJ and to be neighbors. We were always together! Totally best friends! Oh and I forgot to mention – double enemy – Mr. and Mrs. Curtain. Our life was pretty peaceful. But one day… we were on a fishing trip and we saw Jackson and Jillson (Mr. Curtain’s former executives). They were scuba diving. This is a fishing spot, scuba diving isn’t permitted said Reynie.


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