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Three times lucky

Three Times Lucky
      Sheila Turnage
OK, hi! Sorry I haven’t written for so long. We moved! I had to pack, unpack and help around both houses. I was too tired to write. Oh by the way, if you are 5 years or under don’t read this without parent permission. All right, all right .Once upon a time… No?!! This is a seriously good book! Okay here we go.
I’ll begin with a story: A man and a lady were in love. They decided to go on a honeymoon; somehow the man went to Tupelo Landing and crashed.
Eleven years ago during a hurricane a man had a car crash by the river in Tupelo Landing. In the river he found a billboard with a baby tied to it. He named the baby Moses. Too bad he didn’t know that it was a girl. Since the man lost all of his memories people started calling him the Colonel. He lived with Miss Lana (the woman he once loved). They were like a mother and father to Mo. And Mo helped at their café.
Mo’s best friend was a boy named Dale. Mo searches for her ”Upstream Mother”. She sends messages in bottles. She also writes an autobiography called the Piggly Wiggly Chronicles.
Miss Lana often went to Charleston and brought Mo presents. One time she brought a scrapbook. It had pictures of her as a child, and her and Mo together. It also had a letter that the Colonel wrote. I can’t find the letter in the book, but here’s my favorite part:
“I’ll always love your mother for letting you go, Soldier, and you for holding on.
P.S. I’m sorry that I named you Moses. I didn’t know that you were a girl until it was too late.”
One day when Mo and Dale were working at the café a stranger came. His name was Detective Joe Starr. The next day the café’s crankiest customer Mr. Jesse turned up dead. Joe Starr was on the case. And he got two deputies to help him. But it was Mo who actually found the murder weapon.
Later, the Colonel leaves. He doesn’t call for 5 days, which is breaking the family rule – call every 3 days. On the sixth day Miss Lana is kidnapped. Mo thinks that one of the deputies that are helping Joe Starr is really her friend and understands her. But later she tries to shoot Mo and Dale and they find out that she was working with Slate, the dude that killed Jesse, and kidnapped Miss Lana and the Colonel. Starr makes them both go to jail.
At the end they find out that the Colonel was a lawyer (Which is kind of weird since he hates lawyers). Mo finds a bottle in the river and thinks that it’s from Upstream Mother. Really it’s just one of her own messages. But when Dale says “I’m sorry about that, Mo.” She says ”Thanks. Thanks for saying that Dale, but there is nothing to be sorry for, the Colonel and Miss Lana are my family. And I’m not looking for Upstream Mother anymore. I’m happy just the way things are!”
The End!

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