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Woodsong Chapter 2 Reflection
Gary Paulsen

Chapter 2 of Woodsong. I will be posting these rather often, since at school we're doing a chapter a day. I won't be going that often, but, you get the idea.
Gary Paulsen started introducing Storm before the paragraph where he started describing him. He started introducing Storm with little hints. Little hints at who Storm was and little hints at what was going to happen. Easing us into what was going to happen. Letting us foreshadow and think about was was about to come. I think that that's part of why Paulsen is such a good author. That and the fact that he knows from experience what he's writing about. So, back to the description of Storm. Gary started out by saying that Storm was a classic sled dog. He then described her appearance, and her attitude, her actions. And after describing Storm to us, after giving us a mental image in our heads, Paulsen goes on to say that  Storm pulls. Of course, they all pull. It's a huge part of their existence, it's just who they are. But Storm always pulls, he does not slack off, as most of the other dogs do sometimes. Which makes him an honest dog. He always pulls. The image in our heads, of a beautiful, hard-working, loyal sled dog is what Gary wants. he wants us to love Storm, before something bad happens to him.
Theme: Overcoming challenges and learning new things. First, overcoming challenges. What challenges did Gary face in chapter two of Woodsong? Well, there was Storms bleeding. But Storm's bleeding leads us to a different, bigger challenge: the fear of the unknown. Learning new things goes right along with that. Gary learned the hard way about what he was suppose to feed the dogs. He is afraid when Storm starts bleeding, because he doesn't really know what to do. So, overall, I would say that the theme of this chapter is overcoming new thing.

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