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School Blog 3

Gary Paulsen
Althought at school we are done with Woodsong, and going on to a different book (later), I will keep posting the school blog segment. Here is chapter 3.
Animal intelligence has always been an interesting topic for us humans. We don’t want to accept the fact that other creatures may be gaining smarts. Humans want to be the only ones capable of wise thoughts. The only ones capable of solving puzzles, and being smart. But people are accepting that animals are smart too. In the video that we saw, the crows were dropping walnuts on the street, and at first, they were dropping them in the middle, so the cars were driving by all the time. But then the birds realised that cars didn’t drive by crosswalks at all times, so they started dropping the nuts there. That prooves that animals and birds can learn. In chapter 3, Columbia, one of Gary Paulsen’s sled dogs, also shows us that animals can think, can have plans, can show humor. Columbia pushed her bone just outside of another dog’s reach, and  laughed as he tried, but couldn’t, reach the meat. That taught the animal intelligence lesson to Gary. Who or what will teach it to us?
Good question right? See you next time. And just a reminder: you are visiting bookworm.yasinovskyy.info.

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