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The Perfect Man

by Jenny Markas
The Perfect Man
I enjoyed it
You would like this book if you like Comedy and Romance
Review: It's very interesting and funny. I felt sorry for the main character, Holly, because her mom kept moving the whole family across the country every time she broke up with a new boyfriend. The most interesting part was how Holly tried to make an illusion of a "perfect man" for her mom so that her mom doesn't move again because she finally has a permanent life. She gives her mom flowers and writes her e-mails. All from her "perfect man". But when it's time for the perfect man to show his face, what will Holly do? In the book, Holly, her mom and her sister travel all around the country and never stop in one place for long. I would not like that. I like the character Holly and I can relate to her because she tires to play matchmaker and she has many unique ideas. You would like this book if you like realistic books and romance. (And even thought I usually don't like romance this book was interesting.) I think the author choose this title because Jean, Holly's mom is forever on the lookout for a perfect man. Also because Holly makes the pretend idea of the perfect man to make her mom happy and then later he actually appears. The cover depicts Jean, Holly, and Holly's sister, Zoë laying in a circle with their hair entangled. It shows how they are alike but different. I like the cover, but a good idea for the cover would have been the picture of Ben that Holly took, and in the background, the ideas that Ben gave her, like roses, happy music, and orchids, and the things that Ben and Jean have in common, like the moon, crossword puzzles and cooking. That would have been a really cool cover. There is also a movie about this book.

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