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"The town was paper, but the memories were not"

Paper Towns

by John Green

Paper Towns
This book was awesome
You would like this book if you like Suspense
Review: Its a really good book with plot twists and turns. I think that the story is really good and really well developed. The most interesting is how the characters took a road trip based on clues. I would really have liked to be in the story with the characters or visit the places where they went. I really like Margo because she is mysterious, likes sneaking off and running away and is well liked by the people at school, although she doesn't necessarily like them or trust them. "Paper towns" is mentioned a few times in the story, under different circumstances. One is when Margo says that everything in their town is made made of paper, isn't real. "Paper houses, paper people. It's a paper town." And when Quentin is looking for Margo he looks in towns that were suppose to be build, but never were, "paper towns". There are also more things in the book that imply that "Paper Towns", is a really good title. There are several different covers, one where there's a thumb tack in a map, like in the book, and one where Margo and Quentin are standing side by side and her hair is blowing in his face. And one where there is a city made of paper just standing there (once again implying that it's a "paper town". I like all of them. Overall the book the is very good and the author is an amazing one, and I very much recommend this book to almost anyone. 
"For some people, those strings just snap." Quentin doesn't want Margo to be one of those people (aha moment). 
"The town was paper but the memories were not." 
(Just a warning, there isn't really a happy ending)

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