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Princess Academy

Princess Academy
Shannon Hale
This book is very good. It made me very happy to be able to read it. Soon I will write about the second book of Princess Academy, but only if you like this one of course. I hope you will at least like it because I really, really loved it. And believe it or not the second book is even better. Okay, let’s get started!
Miri Larendaughter of Mt. Eskel was born small. Her father won’t let her set foot in the linder quarry that the whole village works in. Miri thinks that it’s because she’s so small. She feels like a failure to her father. Later Miri learns that her mother died because of a quarry injury and her dad doesn’t want her in there because of that. So Miri tends the goats instead. She met Pedar when she was little and is in love with him. She just doesn’t know if he loves her back.
Only a fool wouldn’t love her back. I saw her picture on the front cover of the book and she looks really pretty. I think that he loves her, but doesn’t think that she loves him back. A little bit of confusion there, huh. J
The ministers at the royal palace say that the prince’s wife, who will become the princess, comes from Mt. Eskel. At first the girls don’t want to leave their families and their homes, because they need everyone to work to scrub by. But the girls still go to the princess academy.
So, pretty much what the book was named after, an academy to teach rough mountain girls how to become princesses. It should have been called something else.
When they get there, Tutor Olana, a lowlander says that she doesn’t think that they will learn anything. She says that they smell like goats and have goat-sized brains. Miri wants to prove her wrong by becoming academy princess – the one who is the smartest.
       In real life it would be me J because I’m smart, get it? Well, it wasn’t a joke, because I am smart.
       Tutor Olana is very strict. She doesn’t let the girls talk out of turn, or talk loudly, or argue. She would hit them, or put them in the closet, where a rat lived. On Spring holiday, she says that only Miri and Katar have done good enough to go home. The rest of the girls protest and Miri uses quarry-speech, which is like telepathy, but works only around linder, to tell the other girls -- run! They listen and they all end up going to the Spring holiday. It’s really fun, like always. They tell stories by the campfire and Miri dances with Peder, the boy she really likes. Even though they both hold on to a ribbon, instead of holding hands, Miri feels happy because later Peder kisses her.
       I wish something like that would happen to me. I mean something exciting, not my crush kissing me. Even thought that would be nice too. J. Do you like the story so far?
       The girls all go back to the academy and use Diplomacy, something that Olana taught them to compromise with her. They tell her that they won’t run off and that they will all try their hardest, if she stops using physical punishment and lets them all visit their families on the weekends. If she doesn’t agree, then they will leave. Just go home and never come back. That would be very embarrassing for Olana. They give her some time and after thinking it over, their tutor agrees. Life becomes more peaceful at the academy. Everyone is happy. But then it’s time to get ready for the ball. Who will be the academy princess, Miri or Katar? Miri, Katar, Miri’s friend Esa, and two girls named Bena and Liana all get high scores on the test, so tutor Olana lets the rest of girls decide. Of course it’s Miri! As the time goes, I forgot to tell you, Miri makes a new friend. Her name is Britta and she came from the lowlands to live with some supposed relatives in Mt. Eskel because supposedly, her parents died. Miri and Britta become fast friends and soon Miri, Britta and Miri’s other friends Esa and Frid all hang out together. Later Miri learns that Britta’s dad is actually alive and he sent her here to live with some random people when he learned that the princess will come from Mt. Eskel. Britta and prince Stephan know each other because the prince’s summer palace is right by Britta’s old home. Britta didn’t tell that to Miri and the other girls because she thought that they would hate her for it.
       When it’s time for the ball Britta gets sick and so Stephan doesn’t know she’s there. Miri thinks that Stephan acts like a stone column, but later she learns that it was because he expected to see Britta here. He says that he will return in the spring and make his choice. But before that he sits and talks with Miri and says that if he makes a choice it will be her. But when Stephan says he didn’t make his choice, she isn’t really disappointed, because she doesn’t think that she’ll be happy with him. All the other girls are sad, though because they don’t know who Stephan will choose. And it also means that they have to stay at the academy for the winter, because Stephan will only return in the spring.
       I think that this is pretty exciting with a prince and all, but I also understand that Miri wants to be with Peder. He’s the one who she likes, not Stephan. I like that Miri is attached to Peder because she loves him, not to prince because he has money and lives in Asland.
       While the girls are at the academy, they get attacked by bandits and Miri quarry-speaks all the way up the mountain to tell Peder that the girls are all in danger. He tells all the village men and they come down to help the girls. That’s how Miri saves them all from the bandits.
       When the prince comes back in the spring, Britta is at the ball and he chooses her! Then the king names Mt. Eskel a province, instead of a territory, so they need a delegate. Britta wants Miri to do it, but Miri says that Katar should go because Katar wants to live in Asland and be rich and stuff. Britta reluctantly agrees, but only after Miri promises to come visit Britta later. Miri agrees.
       Britta and Katar go with Stephan and his helpers to Asland. Miri and the rest of the girls go home. Miri’s dad and sister are very excited to see her. Tutor Olana gives Miri eight books, the chalk slates and a painting. Miri is happy she wants to start a school in the village, so she and some girls from the academy can teach the others.
       This is a very good book, and a book that like the Hunger Games made me wish for more. Even thought, to think it is almost the opposite of the Hunger Games. True, life for the mountain girls isn’t perfect, but after all nothing can be perfect, right? Plus it’s better than tributes and killing like in the Hunger Games. I think that if everything was perfect, like in a fairytale, then it would be pointless. That’s why I don’t like fairytales, probably. If you know that everything will be perfect and pretty in the end, then why bother reading the book or story? At least that’s what I think.
This blog is longer then all of my blogs, even the Hunger Games. Hey, you know, the more I like a book, the more I write about it! That’s kind of funny when you think about it.
This book is a total Bookworm PromiseJ! If you liked this book, then tell me and I will write about the second one. Bye!
P.S. Just to say, I would like to get more comments from my readers. Just tell me if you like the book and the blog and if you are planning to read the book or not. Just that will make me extremely happy! Thank you very much for listening!
P.P.S. This is my last post in 2013. Have a great year and read lots of great books! Your bookworm,
Marichka Yasinovska

Now bye for real!

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