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An Enola Holmes Mystery

The case of the Missing Marques: an Enola Holmes Mystery
Nancy Springer
         Do any of you readers like Sherlock Holmes mysteries? Well, have you people heard that he has an older brother (just a tiny bit older) and a sister who is ten years younger than him? Well, by the way he does. His sister’s name is Enola, which, spelled backwards is alone. Do any of your names spelled backwards mean anything? I f yes then tell me what. If no, don’t worry. I’m Airam J.
        Enola’s mom leaves Ferdinand estate, where she lives with Enola, and their three servants. (Don’t worry about the servants, they are treated practically like family.) When Enola’s brothers find out, they come to the estate. Mycroft is confused because Enola’s mom wanted payment for butlers, maids, stable boys and seamstresses. When he finds none of the above at the estate he is very mad. Sherlock says that she wanted money for her escape. Enola can’t believe that her mother left. Then Sherlock leaves to go back to London and Mycroft wants to put Enola in a boarding school for young ladies. But Enola doesn’t want to wear a corset, bust enhancer and other things that I won’t mention here (you’re welcome gentlemen). She decides to escape. Her baggage—she hides in her ladies undergarments. When the carriage taking her to the boarding school stops at the graveyard, so she can supposedly say good-bye to her father, she takes her bike and escapes. She knows her brother, the legendary Sherlock Holmes, will be able to find her pretty easily, so she goes where her brothers will least expect her to go, to London, right under their noses. She meets up with another runaway – a boy who got really sick of his mom’s baby treatment. Together they escape from Squeaky and Cutter, two cutthroats. They pay a lady to hide them. Then Enola’s new friend (without even knowing it) distracts her brother. Enola escapes once again. Later she once again changes her image. She learns that her mother is with the gypsies. She plans to go find her in the Spring.
         This book is really good. I especially think that girls should read it. In fact, this next paragraph that I’m going to write is JUST for girls, so if you’re male, just skip it.
        Hey, ladies! I really think you should read this book. I mean, how many of you ever read a book, like a Sherlock Holmes mystery and think “Hey, what the heck, where are all the female characters?” I think that all the time. This book is really good and its about a girl!
        Okay, hi everybody. And now… drumroll please… bye everybody!

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